A multi-generation family referenced in the galaxy of jewels among the first to start exporting high-end Italian jewelery products in the world, decided to open some stores.

This is how Malvezzi was born, the daughter of the experience of artisans who became an industry in the 60s in the manufacturing sector, keeping the entire supply chain on the territory while expanding their horizons even overseas. The group of Emanuele and Christian Gaspari became a multinational company in 2014 with the opening of the American branch in New York, holder of the Malvezzi brand.

The birth of the project dates back to ten years before exactly in 2004 when the first Malvezzi Shop was opened by the current art director, Annalisa, wife of the first-born family. Annalisa young and ambitious creator of unique and special pieces sees the opportunity by exploiting the company's know-how to develop something new.

Inspired by the passion for fashion and eager for success brings freshness and renewal spirit in the creative section of the group leader convincing The financial administration to invest in a new brand.

This is how the first Malvezzi boutique was born within the walls of the ancient city of Vicenza, rich in art and history and the scent of the nearby Venice that inspired Italian beauty.

In fact, the successes they had during the events in Venice in the halls of the most prestigious hotels overlooking the Grand Canal will energize the new adventure.

A few years later the Forte dei Marmi store will be inaugurated in the pinewoods on the Versilia sea, a stone's throw from Florence, another great city of art and magnificence.

Amena, one of the most elegant tourist destinations on the Italian peninsula, houses the Malvezzi boutique in the refined central street.

The response of visitors to the beautiful Tuscan beaches and such as to give rise to the need to also open a show room in the United States to better follow and give a full service to new clientele and friendships far from the old continent.

New York, the big apple runs fast and brings great energy and strength to the ever-changing project. New horizons complete The growth of the maison reinvigorating perspectives and budgets.

But it is this year 2018 that the signature arrives where it could not miss "the city of fashion" Milan, elegance and mother of fashion. Via Borgospesso overlooking Via Montenapoleone houses the new store in the heart of the fashion district. Milan is also culture and history, refined restaurants and worldly life. The great experience of the group from this central boutique intends to guide its customers in a pleasant walk through fashion, jewelry and flavors in one of the most effervescent cities in the world.

Aimed at the most sophisticated needs of modern life, Annalisa also brings Milan the pleasure of wearing every day the jewels of the fashion house. Remembering with the jewels to wear always the pleasures of a fast-flowing existence but with an eye towards oneself. Malvezzi wants to be with modern women at all times, wearing an Italian creation and having the pleasure of exhibiting it in every space and time.

Shapes roundness harmonies of colors and lightness want to be the expression of the jewels developed, inspired by centuries of excellence and beauty handed down by our ancestors Italian artists masters of innovation and imagination, shuffled by the experience that unites more than fifty years of work and research of the holding in the jewelery industry to the importance of being in the fashion of the new generations.