Forte dei Marmi Agosto 2020
Una Breve galleria fotografica dell'evento che si è tenuto ad Agosto 2020 a Forte Dei Marmi

Malvezzi is an exclusive jewellery firm with four stores in Italy and two showrooms. 

There is a store in one of the most popular seaside towns on the Tirrenian sea, Forte dei Marmi (Via Carducci), there is the new boutique in Milan, the city of fashion, style and design, in Via Borgospesso. And then there are two showrooms:  one is in Vicenza in Contrada Sant'Antonio, and the other one is in New York, Olympic Tower - 5th Avenue, in the Big Apple, the multicoloured town that never sleeps.

Malvezzi sells refined handcrafted jewels completely Made in Italy, with white, black, fancy, brown, rose cut diamonds, along with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and other gems. Each jewel is a unique piece, created, designed and produced in the Valenza headquarter by goldsmiths that inherited the classical tradition of craftmanship. Malvezzi also sells a line of watches (model Time Square) for men and women, with automatic movement, high quality, and refined design.